Responsible travelling?

Recently I found some pictures that really impressed me. I have to admit, I try not to have expectations when I visit a place so that I get the chance to truly enjoy it and take it as it is and connect with the specific of the place. But what happens when…

Manneken Pis


20120817 - Keramaian Manneken Pis 01

Giza Piramid

779166417_Le Piramidi a Giza 1 zoomed-out-landscapes-1-2




Little Mermaid

Little-Mermaid-Copenhagen-Denmark zoomed-out-landscapes-14-2

Mona Lisazoomed-out-landscapes-11-1 zoomed-out-landscapes-11-2

Central Park

central park lawn zoomed-out-landscapes-12-2Taj Mahal

Taj_Mahal_in_March_2004 zoomed-out-landscapes-4-2

This all shows how much we need to protect what we visit, how much harm can make mass tourism and it is one more proof of the importance of green, sustainable tourism and development. Let’s protect the world we live in, we have only one!

Inspired by: onedio 





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